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victory of the people movement

We are thriving when we practice mental fortitude in times of adversity, preparedness through cultural education, and economic collectivism to ensure posterity.
Lest we allow history to continue to repeat itself…
— Our Creed

our story

Victory of the People Movement was founded in 2017 by educator Jade Nicolette Harriell Arrindell, M. Ed. as an extension of her commitment to undoing racism work within the American education system. While consulting with several youth organizations, she quickly found that students and teachers of Afrikan descent needed a special affinity space focused exclusively on discussing the personal impacts of institutional and impersonal racism. The need also requires extensive discussion on internalized racism by discussing sensitive topics such as colorism and general anti-blackness sentiment affecting our families, schools, and communities.

Our Commitment

Victory of the People Movement is devoted to 1) developing online Afrikan-centered educational resources and products, 2) devising solutions to systemic oppression perpetrated within educational and professional settings, and 3) facilitating racial wellness and cultural empowerment trainings.